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How to Make Your Own Blog Easily And Successfully

Hi dear,

My name is Mr. Darlington and I’m happy you are here. The fact that you are reading this article shows me that you really want to know how to make your own blog easily and successfully.

Yeah, and that’s what am going to help you do.

After following this guide down to the last line with me, you will be able to make your own blog.

Grasp a cup of your favorite drink and relax, because you are going for a ride with me!

It will be the coolest and easiest ride.

First thing first…


Yeah, know the reason you started a blog, it must be a genuine one, it must be a workable one.
Think deep and ask yourself these questions:

Why do I want to make my own blog?
What new thing will I bring to the table?
Who is my blog meant for?

Today people make their own blog for different reasons which include but not limited to;

Improving your writing skills

Like Williams Wordsworth said;

“Fill your paper with the breathing of your heart”

You too can become the Shakespeare of our time, who knows. All it takes is practice and a viable platform which is “blog” in this digital age.

Making your voice heard

Do you have the passion for expressing it aloud?

Are you the activist type?

Yeah, things are really going astray and you aren’t going to stay dumb and watch, then you should make your own blog.

Making a difference

I know you got it down below, you really want to help.

Some things need a total change.

Are you a DIFFERENCE MAKER? Then blogging can help you reach a wider audience.

Getting self-published

Theresa Ragan was rejected by traditional publishers times without number until she eventually got smart and self-published. And within a year, she sold over 300,000 books!

You too can make your own blog today!

No need waiting for them publishers, because the opportunity of becoming your own publisher is here.

Making money online

And who doesn’t like it?

Yeah, you can even quit your day job when the time is right!

All it takes is perseverance, focus, and clear goals. I have made money online and you too can.

Building a professional credibility

Now here is a little story…

Mr. A is a professor with Ph.D. in Agriculture. He is a renowned figure among his colleagues.

Mr. B is a farmer with a great passion for poultry. He had a blog which he updates regularly about animal rearing and survival. Because of his passion for animals, he went in search of more knowledge, experiment, and test, and then updates his findings in his blog.

One day, a popular world renown economic analyst points out that the world is running out of food, and that the only solution is putting more effort on agriculture.

Peoples starts panicking, there is buzz everywhere, Journalist starts asking questions, the media blasts about it daily, people starts seeking information through Google.

Who do you think they will be directed to?

Of course to Mr. B!

Sorry Mr. A.

Then Mr. B now starts getting calls, consultations, and queries from big corporations, firms, individuals.

Mr. B is now popular and not just “that local farmer

Hope you see how he builds a professional credibility from making his own blog?

Becoming Popular

Do you want to become an international Critic?

A renowned Celeb?

A go-to Consultant?

A blog can take you there in no time. Take Linda Ikeji for example.

Have you decided your reason for making your own blog?

Of course, there are thousands of reasons!

Now after deciding your reason, it is time to look into what your blog will focus on.



Deciding what your blog will be can be tricky, but I will tell you what to look for in order not to get bored in the long run.

Making a successful blog requires passion and diligence, and one trick to becoming a successful blogger is to go after your passion.

People create different types of blogs which include but not limited to;

Health blogs
Tech blogs
Fashion blogs
Modeling blogs
Travels blogs
News blogs
Religions blogs
Writing blogs
Marketing blogs
Education/school blogs
Political blogs

So which one are you to make?

I advise you to make your own blog align with your passion. Something you like talking, sharing and learning about.

Know your hobby and go for it!

And when the going gets tough, you will easily sail through.

I made a tech blog because I love meddling with technology and like talking about them.

You too can make yours, it will give you a chance of deriving joy and at the same time making cool cash from that your so-called hobby.


Have you got the hang of it?

Ok, you still need to decide what platform to make your own blog with.


And here is where many people missed it.

Here is where a lot of beginners make mistakes.

Yeah, you decide what material your blog will be built with, whether of clay, silver, or gold.

Know this,

There are two types of platforms you can make your blog on.

The so-called free blog platforms like Blogger,, Tumblr plus a host of others…

And the self-hosted WordPress site.

If you opt for the free platforms, know for certain that it is not free indeed!


Their creators can put up adverts on your blog without your consent.


It comes with loads of annoying limitations which includes but not limited to these;

You can’t do affiliate marketing


I can’t tell. That’s their policy.

So how the hell do I pay my bills? That’s why I said it is not the best option on how to make your own blog.

You can’t decide what advert to show

Yep, they dictate what is best for you.

I wonder if they are wizards to know you inside-out.

Even if they are, would you not like to be the one to choose and negotiate the price?

You can’t make use of the numerous WordPress plugins available

That’s right.

Plugins bring more functionality to your blog. They are like acquired skills.

So what does that mean?

It means you won’t get the utmost opportunity in maximizing your blog’s skills.

You can’t use a customized email address

My email is,

Now isn’t that cool?

You will miss this or don’t you think so?

Your blog can be deleted at any time if you dare break a single one of their rules

That’s an open secret!

And they owe you no apologies for doing so. That’s the way it is.

Holy Mary! This is not the best way to make your own blog that will eventually take care of your bills.

In the other hand,

You can be your own boss and decide how your blog going to be by having a self-hosted WordPress blog for a little buck.

Yeah I said for a little buck,

Do you expect something that doesn’t cost you a dime to yield millions for you?

Of course not.

And the good news is that what you will pay for won’t amount to much.

You will buy a domain name which is the name your blog will bear, for around $10-15 per year.

But I will show you how you can get it for free!

Just stay with me.

Then you buy a hosting account which is where your blog will live, for around $2 to $3.95 per month

Now isn’t that awesome for a blog that will eventually take care of you?!

Need more convincing?

Look at this infographics

I bet you are like me and will like to keep 100% of the revenue you make; then it is much more cost effective to get a web hosting and take full control over your blog site!

Now, in deciding where your blog should live you need to be careful.


Let’s see below.


I have used a couple of web hostings on my blog and must say that I have learned my lessons the hard way.

I came to learn the bitter truth about them, and then I did my homework.

Yeah, I did my research to find a truly reliable web host,

And I found.

But you may be asking what bitter truth I learned?

Of a truth, I met many difficulties with some, difficulties like:

Having site down times, which isn’t good for my visitors

Not being able to contact them, this needs to be as easy as

Their customer service or support center not responding in time, which ought not to be so, and made me loose valuable time

Things were made really difficult for me because of the ugly and complicated admin panel. And it took me twice the time to get the hang of it.

But after doing my research I settled for Bluehost hosting and that is what my blog is using.


Because they are truly reliable and affordable

They have many channels in which you can contact them, such as; through live chat, emails, and telephone

They are always there 24/7 and will help you out politely and professionally

Their server’s uptime is the best! They have a guaranteed 100% server uptime.

They have a beautiful and easy to use admin panel

They have flexible packages tailored to anyone’s need, especially to WordPress bloggers.

They have a one-click WordPress installation, saving you the stress

They offer a whopping 30 days money back guarantee!

They offer an unlimited bandwidth and storage plus unlimited email accounts at no extra charges.

And the coolest thing?

You get a domain free from them! Saving you some few buck.

Now isn’t that awesome?


First, click here to go to

Now, you need to act fast because they are offering a whopping discount of 51% and the offer will end very very soon.

So you need to act fast now.

Click the “get started now”

Now choose your hosting plan.

I advise you choose the basic plan option for now – this is perfect for your brand new blog site unless you want to start big time.

Besides, you save some bucks too when you choose their Plus or Prime plan.

Now is the time to choose a domain.

Think of something good and relevant. Getting a .com domain is a popular choice.

Also, avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name.

Now here is where you put details about you. Make sure all the information is filled correctly.


Cross-check your Package Information here.

There are some add-ons to add but don’t go crazy with them.

I advise you check the “Domain Privacy Protection” because it is essential in protecting your personal information from the hands of hackers or marketers that will start sending you unsolicited emails.

Also, I advise you check the “Comodo PositiveSSL Bundle” because it is now a ranking factor with Google if you have it.

Finally, I suggest you tick the “Site Backup Pro”, this will help you a lot in the time of troubles like when your site get corrupt from hackers virus, or some similar cases.

Or you might choose to go with VaultPress.

Add your payment method. They have a strongly secured payment module, so everything you do is secure.

You will also notice that the promo code has already reflected in the total amount to be charged.

Now, place your order and login to your control panel.

Here you can see menu buttons. Click on “Install WordPress”

You will be redirected to Mojo marketplace which will make it easy for you installing WordPress.
Click “Install”

Choose the domain that you registered with them before. Leave other things as it is and click “Check Domain”

If something like the picture below appears, telling you that some files are already existing in that location, click “Continue” to overwrite it.

It’s normally the default index.html page.

A success page will appear telling you that WordPress has been installed after some minutes.

Also, an email will be sent to you containing some instructions for you.

Now, what’s left is for you is to relax a bit and wait till the 10minutes has passed, then go to and create an admin user.

Replace “yourdomain” with your very own domain in the link above.

Choose your language. In this case, I choose English (United States). Click “continue”.

Now put your blog site title. It should preferably be your blog’s name.

Choose a username. Make it unique.

Choose a password.

Now, I advise you use a combination of alphabets, numerals, and symbols. Never use 1234, or 11111, or your birth date or an event date at all.

Also, there is a password meter to guide and indicate when you have gotten a strong password.

Now, input your email. The same you used in registering before.

Click “Install WordPress”

You can login to your blog site now by putting your username and password.

Wow! You are now in your blog’s dashboard.

Your dream is here.

You are now a blog site owner, and you have gone through the how’s and why’s to make your own blog.

Here you are! We did it! We made it to…


Your dream is here…

This is your blog’s backend where you set everything that will appear in the frontend when someone visits, in this case, your blog domain.

Look at the left side.

Do you see menus?

Those are for your convenience and you will be making use of it every time.

Take your time to study them.


See WHAT THE GURUS DO TO EVERY WORDPRESS SITE first before starting out…

The link above will help you take care of vital things.


Ok, I know you are so enthusiastic and looking forward to publishing your first post,

Let’s roll…

Click on “POSTS” and hover your mouse on the default post that says “HELLO WORLD” if you have not deleted it,

Click “TRASH” to delete it.

Now click on “ADD NEW” and put your post title and content in their appropriate place.


Look at “CATEGORIES” and add a new one if you have not.

Look at the “TAGS” and consider if you want to add them to this post now.

Now hit the “PUBLISH” button.

Pew! You are awesome if you made it here.

You can now see how the post appears to your visitor when you click the “VEIW POST”.

I told you, didn’t I?

I told you that we will slide through it easily. Now you are a blogger and set for the success road.

Hey, you may seem at a crossroad on what to do next, or how to customize your blog site to look better.

Now I got a cool secret for only you.

I am launching a free Email Course on WordPress. This email course will make you a WordPress Expert under 7 days.

All you have to do is to Subscribe to the email course by putting in your correct email address and your name.


You will be the first to get notified once the course starts. The course will be sent to your email daily until the 7th day.

Also, you stand a chance to win an amazing gift from me after taking the course.

Here are breakdowns of what you will learn from the Email Course:

Choosing the right domain name

Choosing the perfect WordPress theme

Recommended plugins for your WordPress site

Installing and setting up Google Analytics the right way

Setting up a professional email address for your blog site

And much more…

And please don’t forget to share this with your friends.