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How to Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Service in 2017

Sincerely, this can be a hectic task for you to choose the best WordPress hosting service for your website.

Questions like;

Will it serve me well?
Is it affordable?
Can I get fast help?

might be going on in your head.

I assure you that I got you covered because I have been in that situation and have made mistakes and learned from them.

I am writing this article so you don’t make those same mistakes and loose money and time.

So, get yourself a bottle of what you likes drinking most, relax, and let’s roll.

By the end of this article, you will know what to look for, what to avoid, and which is the best WordPress hosting service that I recommended .

How to Find The Best WordPress Hosting Service

With many hosting services out there trying talk you into parting with your hard earned money, it is essential that you do a thorough research to find the best wordpress hosting service, and that’s where I come in.

Yeah, like I said, going by my past experience and by the consensus of the larger WordPress community, I already know exactly the best WordPress hosting service you can trust.

Now, let’s look into…

The Best WordPress Hosting Service Types You Will Need

There are actually four types of hosting packages that are being offered by all WordPress hosting services. They are;

  • Share Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Choosing the best WordPress hosting service depends on your budget and also your website requirements.

Let me explain to you what these hosting packages means so you can choose wisely.

Shared Hosting

This is really the cheapest and most popular hosting package.

With this package, you will be sharing the server resources like the (memory and computational power) with other people using the same WordPress hosting service.

Nevertheless, this is a wonderful starting point for many and typical examples of websites using the shared hosting are;

  • Low traffic blogs
  • Design agencies
  • Small ecommerce websites
  • Small businesses


  • Very cheap


  • Too generic
  • Unrefined hosting space
  • Little control over your server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

With this hosting package, you are given your own space on a server.

You don’t need to share spaces and resources with other users neither will You be affected by sudden demands placed by others using the server, because you have a protected and reserved memory along with its computational power.

It also has a variation called “Cloud-hosted VPS”, which is a decentralized VPS that gives you much flexibility.

I must say that this is the best WordPress hosting service option for anyone expecting sudden surge in growth or traffic of their website. For example;

  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Websites running complex applications


  • Flexibility and ability to scale up
  • Control over your server


Dedicated Hosting

Wow! Should I say that this is the “Grandfather” of all best WordPress hosting service types?

Sure, with this hosting package you will be given a separate physical server solely dedicated to your own website or web application.

This gives you much power because the full server computational power and space memory is yours, assuring you of 100% consistent performance but at a price for it.

Yeah, you will have to pay real money.

I mean, you got to pay thousands of dollars per month to enjoy such privilege.

Also, get ready to learn because it requires an extensive knowledge and learning curve before you can set it up.

There are few scenarios where you will consider this type of hosting package. They are;

  • Established large businesses
  • Advanced users with huge traffic websites
  • CUP intensive web applications


  • Full control on your server
  • 100% consistent performance


  • Very costly
  • Great learning curve
  • Not flexible

And here comes the sweet spot in finding the best wordpress hosting service!

Managed WordPress Hosting

This newcomer is already becoming popular as days goes by because of some key integrated features.

With managed WordPress hosting, you don’t need to worry about all of the technical aspects like;

Tight security
File restorations

and many others, because it will be handled perfectly for you by professionals.

You should know that their are diverse people using this type of hosting package, including but not limited to;

  • Small low traffic blogs
  • Large scale online news houses
  • Huge traffic blogs and websites


  • Great technical support
  • Cost effective


  • Less control over your server

If you are still starting out and wants a good and reliable hosting package to choose from, I will advise you go for Managed or Shared hosting package.

It will go a long way and can definitely handle 20,000 unique visits per month on your website.

Also, choosing Managed WordPress hosting is cost effective and at the same time gives you the best tools you need to start up.

Then, with time and as your business grows you can easily upgrade your hosting package to suit your business current needs.

What You Should Look For in The Best WordPress Hosting Service

Please, watch out for these three main factors when choosing your reliable and best WordPress hosting service.

The Customer Support

The best WordPress hosting service should be able to forward your request professionally, resolve your complaint on time, and gives you timely feedback and information.

The best WordPress hosting service should be available 24/7 via multiple channels like email, live chats, and phone call.

The Performance

Run. I repeat, run away from any WordPress hosting service that is known to host too many different websites on the same server.

This can create problems such as lost website files, slow webpage loading time, and security breach.

The Server Uptime

If the WordPress hosting service is not guaranting at least a 99.99% server uptime, leave!

I meant it.

You have no business with a WordPress hosting service that can’t guarantee you 99.99% server uptime, unless you want to waste your money.

Now here we are!

Honestly, having looked into all these together and also based on my personal experience, I strongly advise and recommend that you choose Bluehost the best WordPress hosting service.


Because I and millions of other WordPress users have tested their services and confirmed that Bluehost is reliable and definitely the best WordPress hosting service you should go for.

Because they are truly reliable and affordable

They have many channels in which you can contact them, such as; through live chat, emails, and telephone

They are always there 24/7 and will help you out politely and professionally

Their server’s uptime is the best! They have a guaranteed 100% server uptime.

They have a beautiful and easy to use admin panel

They have flexible packages tailored to anyone’s need, especially to WordPress bloggers.

They have a one-click WordPress installation, saving you the stress

They offer a whopping 30 days money back guarantee!

They offer an unlimited bandwidth and storage plus unlimited email accounts at no extra charges.

And the coolest thing?

You get a domain free from them! Saving you some few buck.

Plus a whopping 63% discount today!

Now isn’t that awesome?

Take advantage of today’s 63% discount and buy now.

Once you buy, contact me and i will help you set up your website free of charge

And please, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones.

Mr Darlington

I am a web/graphics designer with a difference. An entrepreneur and the founder of

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